Disclaimer: Please note that some organisations do not send volunteers to all projects listed on this web page. Contact your local organisation to get a list of the volunteering positions for which you may apply.

Social and educational activities with children

Long term type HelpAWG
Project themeNorth-South solidarity
Project language(s)French
Local language(s)French
DurationVolunteer should stay for at least one month. Project is open from October to July.
Application infoDecision within two weeks after we received the application form.
Project descriptionASTOVOT, in partnership with kindergartens and the center of ENVOL and VIVENDA, offers the volunteers the opportunity to get involved in educational activities. This allows to overcome the lack of teaching staff and introduce the children and staff to another culture (get the benefits of the cultural exchanges for a better education of the children). The volunteer can choose if he/she wants to work (i) in a kindergarten, (ii) with mentally challenged children at the ENVOL center, or (iii) with deaf and mute children at the VIVENDI center (please specify your preference in the application).
Full descriptionDescription