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Mangkang Mangrove Conservation Project

Long term type HelpLTEG
Project themeEnvironment
Project language(s)English
Local language(s)Malay, Indonesian
Work start2018-01-03
Work end2018-12-31
Application info "volunteer will get a decision about his/her application within 2 weeks"
Project descriptionThe project is answering the needs of preserving the coastal side of North Java Sea in Mangkang. This area is now in danger due to the abrasion of the sea, cutting mangrove by local factory and heavy force from the river flows.Lack of local’s awareness about environmental friendly lifestyle will destroy the nature slowly. They also face problem they do not have integrated garbage management system, even worsted by there is no daily truck garbage picker in this area. Local community initiated to make recycle stuff from garbage to decrease the impact of the nature.
Full descriptionN/A