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Generations Exchange

Long term type HelpAWG
Project themeNorth-South solidarity
Project language(s)English
Local language(s)English,Other
Work start2020-07-19
Duration1-3 months; project starts on July 19th, 2020.
Application infoThe volunteer will get a decision within 2 weeks upon reception of his/her application form.
Project descriptionDifferences in opinions, tastes, believe, other social and cultural norms in today's society is obvious. Due to technology and globalization the gaps has been even wider leading to serious issues like discrimination, loosing social values and traditional education and connection to the nature. This project is aiming to explore, understand, challenge and act on the cross-generational issues leading to enhancing peace, solidarity and sustainable development. The project will involve people of different generations (Younger and older) in order to exchange experience and pass on knowledge.
Full descriptionDescription