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Gardening in a Lifesharing Community

Long term type HelpLTEG
Project themeEnvironment
Project language(s)English
Local language(s)English
Work start2019-07-01
Work end2019-10-01
Application deadline2019-06-14
Decision date2019-06-23
Project descriptionStanton Home is a lifesharing community located in the beautiful Berkshire region of Massachusetts, surrounded by rivers, mountains, lakes, and forests. Stanton Home partners with 17 disabled adults, 60 employees, and 14 international volunteers to actively pursue healthy,self-determined lives. Growing organic food is an important part of what Stanton Home does. We value sustainable food culture. If you are passionate about sustainable food culture, love gardening, and would enjoy living in a dynamic community with disabled adults, you may be interested in this project.
Full descriptionN/A