Disclaimer: Please note that some organisations do not send volunteers to all projects listed on this web page. Contact your local organisation to get a list of the volunteering positions for which you may apply.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project

Long term type HelpAWG
Project themeSocially disadvantaged
Project language(s)English
Local language(s)English
DurationThe volunteer should stay at least 1 month upto 12 months
Application infoThe volunteer will get decision withing 3 days upon receipt of the application.
Project descriptionOrphans and vulnerable children is a project that aims at building the capacity of the children who’s all parents or either one has died and they are depended on one or none, relying solely on their guardians .The vulnerable children are those that live in abject poverty, they might have both parents or none at all. They both are characterized with lack of basic resources, lack to basic education, basic health care and food, poor shelter, malnutrition. Most of the children are living with guardians as caretakers after their really parents died due to HIV and other diseases.
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