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SAI English Speaking Learning

Long term type HelpLTEG
Project themeChildren, teenagers, elderly people
Project language(s)English
Local language(s)Malay, Indonesian
DurationMinimum 1 month
Application infoAn online interview will be conducted. Acceptance announcement will be within 7 working days after interview.
Project descriptionSAI founded on ex-fishing land, has an initial landscape of artificial fish ponds. With the spirit of human development, this school maintains the natural landscape as possible. Therefore, artificial ponds (as we call it as Empang) dominate the topography of this school. So almost all classrooms are built on the pond.Since this school is nature based, all the education activity most likely spent in outdoor compare in indoor, to give children chance to explore their nature and environment to gain experience learning. Vols are welcome to support on our education to achieving our goals.
Full descriptionDescription