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Old House Renovation and Culture Exchange in Xiluo

Long term type HelpLTEG
Project themeArt, culture, history
Project language(s)English
Local language(s)Mandarin
Durationevery 3 month for 1 term
Application info
Project descriptionXiluo is a township located in the northeast of Yunlin County, middle of Taiwan. Situated in the Zhuoshui River alluvial fan valley, it gradually decreases from the east to the south. One of the most famous landmarks in Taiwan, the impressive Xiluo Bridge has stood on the river for 70 years.For those looking to experience typical Taiwanese culture and history, Xiluo's old street is a must-visit destination. Between The Louyoung Culture and Education Foundation aims to protect these historical buildings and promote Xiluo's culture and art, ultimately improving the quality of life in the area.
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