Open long term voluntary projects

Disclaimer: Please note that some organisations do not send volunteers to all projects listed on this web page. Contact your local organisation to get a list of the volunteering positions for which you may apply.

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CountryNameType HelpInfo
UgandaTreasured Totos KinderCare and Junior School LTV04AWG
UgandaKLA school for the physic handicapped UPA/MLTV/13AWG
TanzaniaChildren with special needsAWG
UgandaSustainable Youth Development Foundation MLTV/27AWG
TanzaniaChildren Care CentersAWG
KenyaPermaculture Design, Farming and TrainingAWG
ZambiaTeaching in primary schoolAWG
TanzaniaEnglish Language Teaching (April start)AWG
UgandaDorna Centre Home for Autism UPA/MLTV/16AWG
NigeriaIjamido Children & Motherless HomesAWG
TanzaniaWomen's empowermentAWG
NigeriaCompassionate Children Centre - Orphanage HomeAWG
KenyaHospital Nursing and Clinical ServicesAWG
NigeriaAlba Home School Center for Children, IbadanAWG
TogoGardening and Environmental education projectsAWG
TanzaniaPre and Primary EducationAWG
KenyaOrphans and Vulnerable Children SupportAWG
TanzaniaScience & MathematicsAWG
TanzaniaEnglish Language Teaching (August start)AWG
ZimbabweHIV/AIDS projectAWG
TogoAssistance Teacher of Primary and Secondary SchoolAWG
UgandaKawempe Youth Development Association UPA/MLTV/21AWG
ZimbabweTose Respite Care HomeAWG
KenyaCommunity Health VolunteersAWG
UgandaGet Well General Clinic UPA/MLTV/02AWG
ZimbabweTeaching at a KindergartenAWG
UgandaUprise Foundation UPA/MLTV/23AWG
UgandaSt. Bernard Royal Nursery & Primary UPA/MLTV/10AWG
TanzaniaNature ConservationAWG
ZambiaSports and educationAWG
NigeriaModupe Cole Child Care CentreAWG
NigeriaCompensatory Centre & Placement HomesAWG
NigeriaSpecial Little Children HomeAWG
KenyaCommunity Participatory Research ProjectAWG
South AfricaSAVWA AfterSchool ProgrammeAWG
TanzaniaYoung Women's Empowerment (April start)AWG
KenyaTeaching EarlyChildhood and Primary schoolsAWG
TanzaniaVoluntary Service ManagementAWG
ZimbabweBongai Shamwari Early Childhood CentreAWG
TogoSupport to ASTOVOT coordination staffAWG
UgandaSweethome nursery and junior school UPA/MLTV/07AWG
TogoSupport to Health Centers StaffAWG
UgandaUG Youth&Women's Effort Fighting AIDS UPA/MLTV/25AWG
ZimbabweOrphanage Home (Gokwe)AWG
TogoSupport to Radio PlanèteAWG
UgandaStep by Step Primary School UPA/MLTV/09AWG
UgandaAssend Youth Development Foundation UPA/MLTV/24AWG
UgandaMuyonjo Senior School UPA/MLTV/11AWG
TanzaniaGenerations ExchangeAWG
MalawiICT skills for youthAWG
ZambiaOffice work and fundraisingAWG
UgandaAngels Centre for children with spec needs MLTV/15AWG
NigeriaIdojigan Community Farm ProjectsAWG
TanzaniaYouth Leadership & SportsAWG
UgandaNansana Children's Center UPA/MLTV/28AWG
NigeriaEruwa Farm Agricultural ProjectsAWG
TogoMobile LibraryAWG
NigeriaCompassionate Children Welfare CentreAWG
TogoSupporting orphanage staffAWG
TanzaniaCultural exposureAWG
South AfricaSAVWA Orphan Care SupportAWG
TanzaniaMedia & CommunicationAWG
TanzaniaEarly Childhood EducationAWG
KenyaBuilding Construction and Manual workAWG
TanzaniaYoung Women's Empowerment (August start)AWG
ZimbabweRuwa Rehabilitation Centre AWG
TogoSocial and educational activities with childrenAWG
UgandaCommunity Empowerment for Village Development /20AWG
ZimbabweCalled to CareAWG
TogoSupport to Libraries StaffAWG
UgandaTrust Future Uganda UPA/MLTV/26AWG
ZimbabweTsungirirai OrphanageAWG
IndonesiaCreative Learning at Pentagon High SchoolLTEG
EcuadorSpecial Need Schools LTEG
TaiwanOld house but new hope in XilouLTEG
USAInnisfree VillageLTEG
IndonesiaMangrove to Stop Climate Change (SCC)LTEG
USAStanton Home LTEG
ThailandKoh Sukorn LTEG
EcuadorAnimal shelterLTEG
EcuadorTeaching and Social Care ProjectsLTEG
ThailandWat Pho ThawadLTEG
RussiaAssistant to a teacher in the German centerLTEG
TaiwanOld house but new hope in XilouLTEG
IndonesiaWomen’s Rights &Gender Equality – KJHAMLTEG
Great BritainEsk Valley Camphill CommunityLTEG
Great BritainCamphill Simeon Care for the ElderlyLTEG
IndonesiaPekalongan Happy ChildrenLTEG
IndonesiaTegalrejo Red District ProjectLTEG
ThailandKoh NangkhamLTEG
IndonesiaSAI English Speaking LearningLTEG
USAInterlaken House (Cadmus)LTEG
USALeander HouseLTEG
ThailandTa Yang Learning HomeLTEG
Great BritainCamphill Lantern CommunityLTEG
Great BritainCamphill Loch ArthurLTEG
IndonesiaPemalang EduLTEG
Great BritainCamphill Thornage Hall LTEG
EcuadorSelva y VidaLTEG
IndonesiaEnhancing Youth Participation: UDINUSLTEG
Great BritainCamphill Blair DrummondLTEG
TurkeyDreams AcademyLTEG
Great BritainRevitalize Respite HolidaysLTEG
IndonesiaYoung Guardian Club Borobudur Mentoring ProgramLTEG
Sri LankaMother Theresa's home (Daya Niwasa)LTEG
Great BritainCamphill School AberdeenLTEG
IndonesiaOrganic Farming &Environment ConservationLTEG
IndonesiaEducation For Better Future: STIE PekalonganLTEG
USAStanton HomeLTEG
TaiwanOld house but new hope in XilouLTEG
ThailandLang Ai Mee communityLTEG
USACamphill Village USA, Inc. - CopakeLTEG
USAHigh Spirit Community Farm LTEG
IndonesiaEducation for All: Al IshlahLTEG
Great BritainIndependent Living AlternativesLTEG
USAThe Lukas CommunityLTEG
Great BritainIndependent Living AlternativesLTEG
EcuadorZoo Los JaguaresLTEG
ThailandKok RiangLTEG
ThailandGarden of TranquilityLTEG
Great BritainCamphill Botton LTEG
Great BritainCamphill CorbenicLTEG
IndonesiaWaste Management & River ConservationLTEG
Great BritainCamphill Tigh a'ChomainnLTEG
IndonesiaMangkang Mangrove Conservation ProjectLTEG
Great BritainCamphill Newton DeeLTEG

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